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How do I make a move request in Chinese Wikipedia?

Well, the article about Hasbro's My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic animated TV series is currently titled 彩虹小馬:友情就是魔法 here in the Chinese Wikipedia. But now it's clear that the show is broadcast in all three major Chinese-speaking areas as either 小馬寶莉 (小马宝莉) or 彩虹小馬 without any subtitle given. So, I think the ":友情就是魔法" part in the article's title (which is a direct translation of "Friendship Is Magic") should be replaced by something like "(2010年電視影集)". I believe the article's current title is a leftover from the days when the show was yet to be aired in neither of three areas. JSH-alive留言2018年2月1日 (四) 17:08 (UTC)

Please see 维基百科:移動請求. The procedure is pretty much the same as en.wiki. Alex Shih留言2018年2月5日 (一) 17:39 (UTC)

Denominations of the currency of the Republic of China

This banknote from 山東 counts 1 吊as 50 枚.

What is the difference between the denominations cash (文),Coppers/Copper coins (枚),Tiao/Diao (吊),Chuàn (串), Fen/cents (分), Dollars/Yuan (圓), and Taels (兩)? Fen/Cent and Cash/wén being 100th, and 1000th of a Yuan I already knew, but usually a 串 (Chuàn) is also 1000 cash coins (the coins with a square hole), and a synonym for 串 is 吊, but 吊 is used as either 49 or 50 枚. Also note that "吊" is a very common denomination on Republican Chinese (Taiwanese) banknotes while 串 is quite rare (but common in some provinces). From what I can tell the relative 枚 value of a to a 吊 depends on either the province or the period, but I can’t find any table of exchange. As for the difference between taels and dollars I can't find anything on it and I had assumed that they are equal until I found banknotes from the Hunan Government Bank that all look almost identical denominated in "1000 Cash", "1 Dollar", "1 Silver Dollar", and "1 Tael" but the fact that they were from the same two years made me think that they could be different. Also note 📝 that is a red-link. Sent 📩 from my Microsoft Lumia 950 XL with Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile 📱. -- 徵國單  (討論 🀄) (方孔錢 💴) 2018年2月4日 (日) 10:49 (UTC)

P.S. (Post-Script)

If there’s already an article here that covers all of these denominations then please direct me there, as I can’t find it in (which mostly covers 方孔钱) or 中国货币史 (though the section about the Qing Dynasty does state “1两 = 10钱 = 100分 = 1000厘(银币)。”). 🤔

How many different banknotes did the Republic of China issue until 1949?

How many banknotes were produced in the Republic of China (including Japanese puppet states, but excluding Manchukuo and Mengjiang) from the creation of the Republic of China in 1912 until the retreat of the Republican government to Taiwan in 1949? I personally had counted 5175 from the Shanghai Encyclopedia with 3243 being National & Provincial and 1932 being Commercial, but I have no idea if that number is accurate as the Shanghai Encyclopedia might exclude some banknotes. -- 徵國單  (討論 🀄) (方孔錢 💴) 2018年2月4日 (日) 10:49 (UTC)

You may refer to 模板:中華民國大陸時期貨幣.--【和平至上】💬📝 2018年2月6日 (二) 12:28 (UTC)

summary of Chinese-American relations, and how is the United States viewed in China?

So I'm an American living in Europe, when I think of China I don't have too many conceptions. (Next I list my conceptions.) China is a huge manufacturing power, most of American and European goods are manufactured there. They made tremendous strides from poverty, under a strong central regime which also is criticized for human rights. However America doesn't really view them as a threat - the biggest issue is that they're a "threat" to IP (whether copyrights, logos and branding/trademarks, patents, you name it) as many counterfeit things are manufactured there. They're not much in the news - a search of the New York Times, "the newspaper of record" mostly has a few human interest issues about "what it's like to live in a surveillance state" but it doesn't directly impact Americans.

I'm curious how the Chinese view the United States, and what a Chinese person's description of how most people think of America would read? I'm also interested on a higher level in Chinese-American relations and what the relationship is between the two countries. So the question is about 1) how America is viewed by the "man in the street" in China and 2) the formal relations and so forth between the countries. Thanks for any thoughts. 2A02:AB88:2481:FC80:444D:DDD3:D407:1B01留言2018年2月21日 (三) 13:32 (UTC)

Discover Russia. Alumni and Professors

Dear colleagues, please comment on CentralNotice banner proposal for ongoing 认识俄罗斯。毕业生和教师 article contest also open to editors of Chinese Wikipedia. (9-23 April 2018, all IPs from Russia, WPs in ar-de-en-es-fr-ja-ru-zh). Thank you. On behalf of Wikimedia Russia, respectfully --Frhdkazan留言2018年3月27日 (二) 09:59 (UTC)

Is there an option to remove preview before publishing changes?

Please let me know. Use {{ping|Koavf}} if you can help me. Thanks. Koavf留言2018年4月6日 (五) 06:43 (UTC)

@Koavf:Autoconfirmed users are able to save pages without reviewing. You have already made the 51st edit and become autoconfirmed. Check if you still have to preview before saving.--Tiger(留言2018年4月11日 (三) 06:16 (UTC)
@Tigerzeng: No, I don't! Thanks. 謝謝 Koavf留言2018年4月11日 (三) 08:01 (UTC)

Singaporean Wikipedians

Hi, could you add your category of singaporean users to the wikidata item

Thank you --CreativeC留言2018年4月12日 (四) 19:59 (UTC)

Hi, I think there is a category for Wikipedians who are located in Singapore. wikidata:Q8087081. Not sure why we need another one? --Kuailong 2018年4月12日 (四) 20:11 (UTC)

This article has chaos with titles. Благодатне is the new official name since 2016. But there is a problem: when the name in Ukrainian language was corrected to a new name - it was forgotten to create a translation in Chinese. And we have: Therefore write Wò yī kē wéi (沃伊科韋) the old name and that since 2016 the new name Blahodatne. Also need to create a Chinese version of Blahodatne. Confirmation is in the German version of this article.--Bohdan Bondar留言2018年8月7日 (二) 13:27 (UTC)

False edits by Malaysian IPs

Hello, I'm from Japanese Wikipedia. In jawp, Maralysian IPs often lied mainly about "City Hunter (城市猎人)" since January 2018. (See Block request for Malaysian IPs and my search result.) These IPs are cross-wiki vandalisum. Some Malalysian IPs, such as (討論頁貢獻whois) and (討論頁貢獻whois), also falsify in Chinese Wikipedia. I want to report these IPs to the Chinese Administrators, but I can't speak Chinese! --SilverSpeech留言2018年8月8日 (三) 03:40 (UTC)

@SilverSpeech:, if you have any more problems, you are welcome to report directly to meta for a global lock. Have reverted the edit that are of vandalism / non-verified. Many thanks by 1233. --1233 / and his talk page 2018年8月12日 (日) 09:26 (UTC)
@1233: Thanks very much for your help and advice! --SilverSpeech留言2018年8月15日 (三) 00:51 (UTC)

English voices, not from the USA

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is commissioned by Hasbro Studios in the USA, but most of its English voice artists are active in Canada, with few American voices. 彩虹小馬:友情就是魔法角色列表 labels all the English voices as Americans, so I tried to fix the problem, but turns out it has something to do with Template:配音1. Can someone fix Template:配音1 and Template:配音2 so the English voice artist can be labelled as "英語" instead in such cases? JSH-alive留言2018年7月14日 (六) 16:10 (UTC)

斯韋爾德洛韋 https://wiki.tuftech.org/wiki/斯韋爾德洛韋 The old name. The new official name of the Ukrainian government Холодне / Kholodne https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swerdlowe--Bohdan Bondar留言2018年8月8日 (三) 13:00 (UTC)

  • @Bohdan Bondar: It seems that there isn't reliable content about these city in Chinese. If we create a Chinese name for it, we may violate the rule WP:NOR(No original research), as there isn't a simple way to get a unique translated name in the Chinese language and we can't predict the official translation for these names.--popcorner留言2018年8月16日 (四) 17:54 (UTC)
@Popcorner: I touched this theme because in the Chinese Wikipedia the geography of Ukraine is written mostly by Russians or by Russian books. Therefore the names of your wikis are spoiled in Russian. Here is an example: with the city of https://wiki.tuftech.org/wiki/斯達漢諾夫 Russian (first written the Russian name and the translation was made erroneous). I corrected and ask you to use Ukrainian names. Ukraine is an independent state from Russia. we are tired when our cities are called in Russian occupational name. Until 1991, we were under Russian occupation.--Bohdan Bondar留言2018年8月19日 (日) 07:30 (UTC)


こんにちは。私は日本語ウィキペディア(ja-wp)のユーザーです。久可久可對話頁 | 用户貢獻)さんは恐らく、对弩對話頁 | 用户貢獻)さん・Dukee123對話頁 | 用户貢獻)さんと同じ人です。彼は、zh-wp,ja-wp,en-wpで活動し、多くの正しい編集をすると同時に、少しの嘘を混ぜ込みます。

杜牁》《杜珂》《总统先生杜珂》という架空の人物記事を作成し、また記事の中に書き込みます[1]。また、江蘇省からIPアドレスでも書き込みます[2]。(参照: ja:Wikipedia:進行中の荒らし行為#中国省庁・軍隊関連への荒らし(中国江蘇省IP)

どうか記事を確認し、対処してください。--Ashtray留言2018年8月20日 (一) 18:27 (UTC)

  • @Popcorner: Thank you for your response. Oh, I was misunderstanding. When I saw Gan Wikipedia, I thought it was Chinese Wikipedia!
If I want to appeal his corruption, I should go to Meta Wiki. However, I have little English ability.--Ashtray留言2018年8月21日 (二) 17:44 (UTC)

please leave my editing. I corrected it because here Ignored that Ukraine is a separate state from Russia in foreign and domestic and economic policy. The Ukrainian government abolished the status of the Russian language as the second state and official regional language. Also corrected because now the international uses Ukrainian names. Therefore, first you need to write the Ukrainian name and only then the names in other languages. The Chinese name was incorrect, because they took the Ukrainian name Kadiyivka (Кадіївка), then spoiled it in Russian in Kadeevka (Кадеевка) and only later the Chinese name was made by transliteration. Request: do not need to use Russian sites (.RU)) and very carefully Russian sources (checking information with European sources). There are so many lies, falsified information about Ukraine, that we are Ukrainians in shock. This is disrespect for Ukraine. Check my Chinese name you can through the English language Wikipedia, and many other Eurowikipedia's there clearly written Kadiyivka or Kadiivka, depending on the language .As a Ukrainian I ask to abandon the imposed tradition of Moscow in the 20th century to use the Russian names of our territory.--Bohdan Bondar留言2018年8月19日 (日) 09:32 (UTC)

@Bohdan Bondar: I can understand your political opinion about this but citation is also needed because this is wikipedia. Changing the Ukrainian name before the Russian name is ok, but when you have changed 卡季耶夫卡 to 卡季伊夫卡, it seems that you are doing an original research and publish it to wikipedia, which may violate the rules. You can search the word you created in Baidu(Chinese search engine) and you won't find any reliable results, but the previous one has lots of search results. It may not a good idea to announce a rename in wikipedia. By the way, Chinese is a language without alphabets and the rules for creating loanwords in Chinese is different from many European languages and doesn't rely on the pronunciation of the original word too much. For example, the translation for Donald Trump is 唐纳德·特朗普, which sounds really different. If we only needs the similarity, we can translate his name to 当弄的创破, which sounds closer to his name, but that's impossible. --popcorner留言2018年8月20日 (一) 18:44 (UTC)
@Popcorner:The name (which I corrected) was created on the Russian site. I wrote earlier that the Russian site made a mistake in the name of the city. The correctness of my translation is easy to verify: 90 percent of Eurowikipedia use kadiivka and its derivatives. English name Kadiyivka = Chinese 卡季伊夫卡 kǎ jì yī fū kǎ. I recall: this is a new name. in old sources of confirmation there is no translation.--Bohdan Bondar留言2018年8月23日 (四) 05:17 (UTC)

http://www.un.org/ga/search/viewm_doc.asp?symbol=A/68/L.39 Crimea remained in Ukraine as an uncontrolled territory. To write that the Crimean land on which there are piles of the bridge - the former Ukrainian and only Russian - is to deceive the reader. The reader from China should know that the bridge in the west is built on the Ukrainian land that your eastern-northern neighbor . Your Baidu maps shows Crimea as part of Ukraine. Therefore, the bridge is Russia and Ukraine (de jure). --Bohdan Bondar留言2018年8月25日 (六) 12:08 (UTC)

  • The owner of Crimea is controversial. Your link can only show that UN is the supporter of Ukraine. We know that both Russia and Ukraine regard Crimea as part of their country, and due to the rules of wikipedia, the article needs to have neutral point of view. We can't believe any of them alone, so we can't give a conclusion for it. And these content shouldn't be added in the article of the bridge, because this is not a political article. It is just a bridge. You can try to read this article and see their opinions.--popcorner留言2018年8月28日 (二) 18:22 (UTC)

Help with Chinese characters requested (方孔錢)

Huopinh Xinbao???

I am working on making a full list of all 方孔錢 on the English Wikipedia, and I found this image of a Ming Dynasty era Yunnanese local cash coin, the inscription supposedly reads "Huoping Tongbao" (according to Jean-Michel Moullec) but I can't find which Chinese characters are used, can someone transcribe them so I can do more research on Taiwanese websites to find more information (and reliable sources) relating to it? -- 徵國單  (討論 🀄) (方孔錢 💴) 2018年8月6日 (一) 13:48 (UTC)

  • @Donald_Trung: If the pinyin of this coin is correct, it should be 火平通宝 . The character on this coin is not clear so it not easy to recognize it accurately. But as I searched this name on the internet, I found that there is no information about 火平通宝. I find a document about coins in Yunnan at Ming Dynasty[1], and find out that there is no 火平通宝 there, and the most similar one is 太平通宝. I see the picture of Yunnan 太平通宝(not the one in Song Dynasty)[2] and the character on it looks similar to your picture. The character on the coin can be regarded as 太 or 火. Maybe 太平通宝 is the answer you want.--popcorner留言2018年8月16日 (四) 16:22 (UTC)
    • (:)回應, my mistake I meant "Xinbao" which could be "New Treasure"? Scott Semans asked some experts and they claimed that it was likely cast in Nanzhao by Kublai Khan but I can't find any evidence of this, I need to figure out what the "Xin" is in order to research it, I can research Traditional Chinese / Taiwanese websites but I need a reference point first. -- 徵國單  (討論 🀄) (方孔錢 💴) 2018年8月17日 (五) 20:04 (UTC)
An example of a 太平興寶 (Thái Bình Hưng Bảo) cash coin.
        • This is how those cash coins look, in fact I am able to usually identify most (non-Wu Zhu and non-Ban Liang) cash coins with a single look, this coin is purported to be a Ming Dynasty issue however I can't do any further research as the "Xin" is unreadable, reckon that I'll probably will have to exclude it from the list if I can't identify the "Xin". -- 徵國單  (討論 🀄) (方孔錢 💴) 2018年8月19日 (日) 11:17 (UTC)

Update: this could be marked as resolved as this particular cash coin is known to read 「火平信寶」[3] and I mistakingly thought 💭 that it was 「火平新寶」。-- 徵國單  (討論 🀄) (方孔錢 💴) 2018年9月7日 (五) 18:53 (UTC)


  1. ^ 高庆民. 漫谈大理国和大理国钱币. 广西金融研究: 33-34. 
  2. ^ http://tieba.baidu.com/photo/p?kw=%E5%8F%A4%E5%B8%81&flux=1&tid=3513400146&pic_id=a22b6e061d950a7b0f2d5f6e09d162d9f2d3c927
  3. ^ Zhongguo Guqian Xinpinji" '中国古钱新品集‘. Hunan, 2008, page 154. (in Mandarin Chinese written in Simplified Chinese characters)


A 建文通寶 cash coin?

Recently I came across what was described as a "cash coin" with the inscription 建文通寶 supposedly from the Ming Dynasty Jianwen Emperor, however after searching 🔍 various Taiwanese websites I couldn't find any information about the Jianwen Emperor minting any cash coins nor can I find it in any major catalogue (British or Taiwanese), now my question is... Is this a real Ming Dynasty era cash coin, a fantasy piece, or a Chinese numismatic charm? -- 徵國單  (討論 🀄) (方孔錢 💴) 2018年8月29日 (三) 10:17 (UTC)

  • This section can also be marked as resolved per:


How to restore my wiki page?

My first wiki page was deleted by a robot during my 3rd edit of a long table! Below is the deletion log: https://wiki.tuftech.org/wiki/Special:%E6%97%A5%E5%BF%97?type=delete&user=&page=%E7%89%A9%E4%B8%9A%E7%AE%A1%E7%90%86%E4%BA%8B%E4%BB%B6&wpdate=&tagfilter=&subtype=

Please help me to restore the page, thanks. Peter—以上未簽名的留言由Petercwc對話貢獻)於2018年10月2日 (二) 10:19 (UTC)加入。


基輔國際機場 The city government ofKyiv assigned a new name in honor of the aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky 伊戈尔·伊万诺维奇·西科尔斯基[编辑] - a Ukrainian by birth, worked for the government of the Russian Empire and the USA. Until 1991, the Ukrainian city of Kyiv was under Russian occupation (the Russian Empire and the USSR) .It is recorded as Russian man because Kyiv was under the occupation of Russia - (Russian Empire and USSR)


https://kyivcity.gov.ua/news/kivrada_prisvola_aeroportu_kiv_imya_aviakonstruktora_igorya_sikorskogo.html Ukrainian new name Міжнародний аеропорт «Київ» (Жуляни) імені Ігоря Сікорського --Bohdan Bondar留言2018年11月2日 (五) 08:39 (UTC)

伊戈尔是俄罗斯国家的第 èluósī (Russia ) is wrong / 没错 羅塞尼亞

When foreigners from faraway countries write about the period of Kievan Rus, they often make a mistake - they turn Rus' (Ruthenia) into Russia. I ask you to remember: Russia that arose in 1547 when the Grand Duchy of Moscow was renamed the Russian kingdom. Until 1547 Russia did not exist. In the 9th-11th centuries Rus ' (Ruthenia) was and the inhabitants of Rus' (ruthenian or Rus People). Therefore, the inhabitants of Rus' should be effected in the first state. When you write on Russian books, you should know about the historical provocation in those books. In Russian books, the word русский русская has two contexts and two knowing points: Russia and Rus' (Ruthenia). That is, the Russians in one word call the fact that in foreign historiography Rus' and Russia are called in two words. With such mistakes you deceive the Chinese and write about the history of Kyiv (Kyiv princes of 9-11 centuries) as about the history of the Russian Federation. Do not turn history of Ukraine into a subspecies of history of the Russian Federation --Bohdan Bondar留言2018年11月15日 (四) 15:35 (UTC)

Help with a project

I am initiating ​​a project to record the name of my language (Asturian) in all the languages ​​present in Wikipedia. Starting with those that have already translated the corresponding article. I would need a man and a woman to record what is said in Chinese: 阿斯语 . Thanks in advance. - Vsuarezp留言2018年11月15日 (四) 19:31 (UTC)

Wikimedia Sustainability Initiative

Hi all. Please help us to translate Sustainability Initiative on meta in your language and add your name to the list of supporters to show your commitment to environment protection. Let's spread the word! Kind regards, --Daniele Pugliesi留言2018年11月28日 (三) 16:49 (UTC)

Could you please ...?

Could you please check and revise User:Red_Tree_50/福斯托_切尔奇恩亚尼 and then move it to article namespace? My poor translation/adaptation is based on the English text at User:Red_Tree_50/Fausto_Cercignani. The person is on Wikipedia in various languages. Many thanks for your kind attention! --Red Tree 50留言2018年11月12日 (一) 08:19 (UTC)

Many thanks! But what about the translation? The article will be deleted? -- Red Tree 50留言2018年11月24日 (六) 17:29 (UTC)

For example, here instead of Ukrainian Petrivna you use the Russian name Petrovna (Russian Speaking 佩特罗夫纳)

Please fix on Ukrainian Speaking Petrivna 佩特里夫纳 It is wrong to write Ukrainian names in the distortion of the Russian language. Russian is no longer an official language in Ukraine. Take an example from European languages ​​that have learned to spell real Ukrainian names.--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2018年12月6日 (四) 08:00 (UTC)--Bohdan Bondar留言2018年12月6日 (四) 08:00 (UTC)

@Bohdan Bondar: So under your requests, are you asking that the zh translation of Kiev should also follow Kyiv, and should not be "基辅" anymore? Even if yes, you need to ask authority controls of Sinophone areas, as we generally follow ACs' translations for title, try to find one at Template:Authority control --Liuxinyu970226留言2018年12月6日 (四) 12:37 (UTC)
@Liuxinyu970226: 1 列吉纳·托多连科 I apologize for writing the wrong article title. Need to fix this article. She is a Ukrainian singer, born in Ukraine. Ethnic Ukrainian. Her last name is Western Ukrainian (Todor is the Western Ukrainian analogue of the European name Theodor or the Russian name Fedor + enko is the standard ending for Ukrainian surnames that come from names)

Kiev need to correct for Kyiv 基辅 but why not 基伊辅? All languages ​​ that created the alternative, they keep @i@ in the middle. Now in English, all maps are already Kyiv Google Maps Bing Microsoft maps Russian Yandex (international version) Here.wego map michelin.com (French language) abandoned the Russian name of the Ukrainian capital. This indicates that the Kyiv translation status is high. I just did not understand what action I should do on this link Template:Authority control?--Bohdan Bondar留言2018年12月6日 (四) 21:49 (UTC)

@Bohdan Bondar: So it looks like you're contesting our Chinese translations, rather than their English translations, and hence you come to zhwiki? Well, under your suggestions, [谁?]? For what I've found, these translation names are defined differently *at least* between Mainland China and Taiwan (though in nearly 45% times you may found the same calling names).
That said, when a naming form is used as title, we the zhwiki contributors always remain it, and request all new users to not simply rename it, just because there's conversion system available.
Per the proposed guideline draft, the Mainland China users usually follow how CNCTST defined the translations, and by using their term searching system (by searching zh-hans "基辅"), I've found 7 "Kiev" results (if you think they have to change to Kyiv under "英文名" (English name) column, you may contact office - at - cnctst.cn, though it's unlikely that they agree to change "基辅"); likely Taiwanese users usually follow how naer defined, their search system only has one zh-hant "基輔" entry (please ignore the following acyls results), where said Kiev(Kyiv), is this Taiwanese-maintained result also inacceptable to you? (If yes then this contact form... but what to do after?)
Given that Chinese translations of foreign places can have much more edit wars possibility than English translations, such "changing-English-translations" campaigns should ideally be avoid, at the very minor least, on this zhwiki. As forked from Paul Eggert response from ICANN, we just take the most common Chinese spelling, and redirect all other spells to the tiled one, and if Mainland China-Taiwan conflict happened, use {{NoteTA}} and their CGroups.
Anyhow, thank you for posting on zhwiki Guestbook, but sadly there hasn't anything that has high priority for and about this topic. Wish you to have a good Xmas this year! --Liuxinyu970226留言2018年12月7日 (五) 16:32 (UTC)
@Liuxinyu970226: Thank you for correcting the city of Kyiv.

In this discussion, I wrote about this request and explained why.

. Now it remains in the article 列吉纳·托多连科 to correct the Russian name 佩特罗夫纳 Petrovna in the Ukrainian name 佩特里夫纳 Petrivna --Bohdan Bondar留言2018年12月8日 (六) 11:09 (UTC)
@Ehime:是。 谢谢--Bohdan Bondar留言2018年12月9日 (日) 08:18 (UTC)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=kUZew7U_Yq8 says something on the YouTube channel of the World Tennis Association--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2018年12月19日 (三) 15:48 (UTC)--Bohdan Bondar留言2018年12月19日 (三) 15:48 (UTC)


Hello, my translation of the article "Social Media Addiction" (社交媒體成癮) was poorly completed by Translate.com and I have complained. I apologise for not realising that their services are effectively machine translation. I am not able to afford all languages and have lost quite a bit of money due to poor translation services. I recommend TheWordPoint.com ONLY for any paid translation services by volunteer wikipedians.

The article is currently linked to from John Hopkins University so on some level, as they published my press release, it appears to be very important. Can I please get some assistance for the Chinese speakers. It is not an English language crisis, the English language caused the crisis. E.3留言2018年12月21日 (五) 13:24 (UTC)

The link is on my Chinese talk page. I have a conflict of interest here I own this mental health awareness campaign. other wikis do not consider this a conflict of interest for the neutral articles, and I have directly discussed this on the English talk page.—以上未簽名的留言由E.3對話貢獻)於2018年12月21日 (五) 13:26 (UTC)加入。

Blocked from English Wikipedia at present, request Chinese wikipedia to consider my COI

Hello. the discussion of my English block is available on my english talk page. Can Chinese speaking editors please consider my actual and apparent conflicts of interest when considering the article I published (currently badly translated) here? Thankyou E.3留言2018年12月22日 (六) 02:58 (UTC)

New translation available for Social Media addicion

Hello I have a new translation available basically how it stands on the french page, it is on the talk page and on my talk page.

Can anyone advise whether it is readable, better, and if so I'll proceed to put it on the page. E.3留言2018年12月26日 (三) 04:49 (UTC)

Social media addiction

I note this page was deleted, has anyone read the translation on my talk page? This is clearly better, I checked with a Chinese speaker. What was the reason for deletion? if it is translation, then we have a better one, I advised this prior to deletion. Stating that you are following English wikipedia article is not productive here - especially as the other wikis have been far more collaborative with me than English.E.3留言2018年12月28日 (五) 14:26 (UTC)